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Article Why does the restart of the springback analysis not work?
I attempted to restart the springback analysis from the d3dump01. The springback analysis was not performed even though the “message” file shows that the analysis terminated normally. What causes this problem and how can it be fixed?
Article When we do springback analysis, we have two choices to do it, i.e. using implicit and explicit method (dynamic relaxation). What is the advantage of using the implicit method in springback analysis?
Article When the constraint contact is used, the calculation crashes during the forming analysis. What needs to be done to prevent this?
Article When I used the seamless method to do both forming and springback analysis, a converged solution wasn’t obtained. I don’t want to repeat the forming analysis. Is there a way I can repeat the springback analysis from the previous output files?
Article When I used switch method in my calculation, I used explicit method and then I changed to implicit method. In the later implicit calculation process, it was seen that the contact didn’t work properly. What was the problem, and how can I avoid this?
Article When I used implicit method to do springback analysis, the iteration information was not output or displayed in the screen. I think this iteration information is important for me to monitor the convergence status. How can I display this information?
Article When I used coarsening, I found that there is an error message:’ Something is wrong, sub: nextele’. What is the problem, and how can I avoid it?