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When I do springback analysis, the prediction is not satisfactory. I didn’t find any problem in the input deck. What should I check to improve the solution quality?

There are several factors resulting poor springback prediction:

a) The final mesh might be too coarse. It has been found that a coarse mesh can result in a very poor springback prediction;

b) The initial mesh might be too coarse. Even though with adaptive method is used, if the adaptive frequency is not high enough, the mesh in the intermediate stage is still not fine enough to capture the detailed feature of the die;

c) Too high a punch velocity will increase the dynamic effect and adversely affect the springback prediction;

d) Too much mass scaling will also increase dynamic effects and lead to poor springback predictions;

e) When a linear solution method is used, the solution is obtained within one iteration. It has been found that the solution from this method is not dependable.

f) Check the convergence tolerance setting for the displacement and energy norms. Large tolerance helps to achieve converged solutions, but the results may prove unsatisfactory.