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When I used the seamless method to do both forming and springback analysis, a converged solution wasn’t obtained. I don’t want to repeat the forming analysis. Is there a way I can repeat the springback analysis from the previous output files?

There are two ways to repeat the springback analysis:

a) Generate a ‘dynain’ file from the d3dump01, which was generated upon completion of the forming analysis is finished. Create a small springback input deck and include this dynain file. After proper constraints are applied, the springback analysis can be repeated. It is very easy to generate a dynain file from the d3dump01, you just need to write a small restart file containing the card of “INTERFACE_SPRINGBACK_DYNA3D”, (e.g., restart.k). Then run LSDYNA in this way: “ls950 I=restart.k r=d3dumpxx memory=nnn” (memory is the same as that chosen in the previous analysis).

b) Use a small restart input deck, for example “restart.k”, which only includes the control cards containing the modified parameters, and restart this job from the d3dumpxx just as before.