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Why does the restart of the springback analysis not work?

I attempted to restart the springback analysis from the d3dump01. The springback analysis was not performed even though the “message” file shows that the analysis terminated normally. What causes this problem and how can it be fixed?
When the springback analysis is restarted from the dump file, and the adaptive meshing has been used in the forming analysis, then the code will look for a file, which was generated from adaptive mesh. If the death time of adaptivity was smaller than the termination time of the forming process, then that file would not have been generated, and the springback analysis cannot continue. To avoid this situation, you have two choices: a) Use the default death time for adaptivity to terminate in the forming analysis. Since the default death time for adaptivity is a very large value, it will be much bigger than the termination time of the forming analysis. As a consequence, the code will ensure that the death time of the adaptive mesh is larger than the forming termination time and the required file will be generated. b) Generate a dynain file from the d3dumpxx file, and perform a springback analysis from this output file. This dynain file contains all the necessary information for the springback analysis.