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LS-DYNA 971-7600.1116 released

New version of LS-DYNA is released for all common platforms.

The release provides fixes and extensions.

These notes briefly highlight changes made to LS-DYNA since the last production release of version 971, i.e., revision 7600.1077.


  • Zeroed the body force on the dependent nodes of rbe3 constraints.
  • Fixed shell element stress mapping by *INITIAL_STRESS_SHELL.
  • Fixed stress initialization for tetrahedral elements of element formulation 4.

Material Models

  • Fixed fabric material form 14 to use the unload curve for the b-fiber when defined instead of the load curve. This bug was introduced in R2 revision 789.
  • Modified beam spot weld type 9 failure. Now, the moment used in the failure calculation will be assumed to be zero if the axial weld stress is compressive.
  • Fixed the rate affects in type 9 beam spot weld failure.
  • Fixed possible divide by zero error in beam spot weld failure type 5.
  • Fixed mass scaling message for spot welds.
  • Fixed contact with material 106 so that parts don't penetrate.
  • Fixed initial stress resultant for material 116.
  • Fixed input of material 138.


  • Made sense switch not case sensitive in d3kil file.
  • Fixed the energy ratio calculation with mass scaling.
  • Fixed d3hsp output format for belt materials and belt slip rings so they work for large numbers.


  • Fixed MPP bug related to initialization of tied interfaces: ALL interfaces were being treated as constrained when checking for nodes involved in more than one tied interface, causing some nodes to be incorrectly deleted from penalty based tied interfaces.
  • Fixed dbout output of jntforc converting data from global to the local coordinate system.
  • Modified MPP drawbead contact to better match SMP.
  • Fixed 3D remeshing in the MPP version.
  • Fixed d3dump write error for MPP solid adaptive.


  • Fixed a memory error with material type 3 in implicit analysis.
  • Fixed treatment of displacement convergence tolerance for implicit analysis upon restart.


  • Stopped triangle sorting for efg shells in implicit analysis.
  • Fixed a bug in consistently assembling the force array for efg shell 42.
  • Added user defined through - thickness integration rules to efg shells.
  • Improved truncation error in EFG shell stability analysis.
  • Fixed a bug in efg shells when element failure happens.


  • Fixed a bug in *DATABASE_SPH if *DATABASE_HISTORY_NODE is not defined.


  • Fixed bug for ANSYS database output.