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LS-DYNA R15.0.2 released (2024/03)

New version of LS-DYNA is released for all common platforms

1. Release notes revision

This file constitutes revision 0 of the release notes for LS-DYNA version R15.0.2.


2. License

The string “REVISION 15” must appear in the LS-DYNA license file to run version R15.0.2.  Please contact your LS-DYNA distributor or your Ansys sales representative if you need to have your license updated.


3. Documentation

The R15.0 User’s Manual provides documentation for R15.0.2. To download these manuals, go to https://lsdyna.ansys.com/manuals/.


4. Notes

The remainder of this file briefly describes the bug in version R15.0.1 that led to R15.0.2.  To see the release notes for R15.0.0, go to https://ftp.lstc.com/anonymous/outgoing/support/FAQ/ReleaseNotes/Release_Notes_LS-DYNA_R15_0_0_rev0.html.


5. Bug Fixes

5.1. Miscellaneous

  1. Fixed licensing compatibility issue impacting a small number of users.