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LS-DYNA V970 Revision 3858 (MPP only)


  1. Fixed problem of adaptive constraints missing from the dynain file when shared nodes are constrained.


  1. Corrected a Chemkin airbag error so that they should work even if they are not the last thing in the input file.


  1. Added "use_sflag" option to type 13 contact in 970 (was previously added in 960) to treat solid elements as if they were shells.
  2. Fixed deadlock while using type 9 contact.
  3. Added machine roundoff protection to prevent "creeping penetrations" from occurring in MPP contact.
  4. Fixed problem in contact initialization for SPH (MPP Only).
  5. Fixed contact remap problem in MPP for eroding contact which could lead to incorrect results or program hanging.
  6. Corrected mpp segment based surface to surface contact bug that could cause penetration to occur at decomposition boundaries. This problem existed from version 3613 until 3712.
  7. Corrected segment based contact bug that could cause a problem to hang during initialization.
  8. Added option for type 26 - beam to beam contact.
  9. Corrected error in segment based mpp contact that doubled the contact stiffness. This affect is subtle in most cases, but could cause energy growth and instability.
  10. Changed the behavior of type 3/5/10 contacts so the "only track 1 contact per node" logic is only active for METALFORMING contacts (type "m"). Previously this was active for any type 3/5/10 with thickness, which isn't quite the same thing.
  11. Fixed the interface force file to contain global contact ID's.
  12. Improvements to beam contact.
  13. Use user defined IDs for all diagnostic/informational outputs regarding contact interfaces.
  14. Fixed bug in "ignore" option for type 3/5/10 contact.
  15. Improved tolerance condition for "ignore" option in types 4/13/26 contact.
  16. Fixed error in the release condition for type 26 contact.
  17. Fixed a problem with type 13 and 26 contact bucketsorts when doing the initial penetration check.
  18. Added improved penetration tracking in type 3/5/10 contacts.
  19. Added option 960c13 to switch contact to 960 contact algorithm.
  20. Added proper check of *CONTROL_MPP keywords, and release condition fix for type 26 contact. Also backported 971 fix for redirection near sharp edges for type a13/26 contacts.
  21. Increased tied interface searching distance for type b7, c7, and s7 tied interfaces.


  1. Added surface energy density option for interface forces file.
  2. Fixed deadlock in case of writing rbdout LSDA file when not all processors have rigid bodies.
  3. By default, write binary output to dbout.* and binout to reduce the confusion.
  4. Corrected global airbag ids in abstat
  5. Added code to notify the user about which binout files are being created, and which data is in which one. This is for MPP only -- in non-MPP case there is always only 1 file, and so there really isn't any confusion.
  6. Fixed problem of MPP not summing material energies before putting them out to the D3PLOT file.
  7. Fixed external work calculation.


  1. Added corrections for ALE coupling, ileak=2.
  2. Added support for leakage control of ALE coupling energy compensation method.
  3. Fixed problem of point source for gas mixture.
  4. Corrected error with in Eulerian/ALE solution when using a model with both solid and thick shell elements.


  1. Added option to suppress the output for beam failure.
  2. Fixed reporting of nodal rigid body mass in d3hsp file.


  1. Enabled full deck restart with solid element types 3, 4, and the 10 node tet, 16.
  2. Fixed an initialization related bug in MPP full deck restart.
  3. Fixed a problem doing full deck restart with types 4 and 13 contact interfaces.


  1. Fixed minor problem for cost estimation in decomposition.
  2. Corrected uninitialized variable during MPP phase 3 that caused a memory allocation to fail.
  3. Fixed free-format input parsing bug for CONTROL_MPP_DECOMPOSITION
  4. Add code to synchronize any "pfile" type data entered through a keyword input file. (previously only processor 0 had this data, causing synchronization problems/hanging).
  5. Fixed free-format input parsing bug for CONTROL_MPP_DECOMPOSITION_TRANSFORMATION. Seems to have been OK on most systems.

Interface Linking

  1. Fixed bug for interface linking option (INTERFACE_LINKING_EDGE and INTERFACE_COMPONENT)
  3. Fixed problem that could cause rotational velocities to become unstable in tie-breaking interfaces that used "interface for component analysis"


  1. Fixed Madymo job termination error.
  2. Fixed cpu time limit option error.
  3. Fixed *INITIAL_STRESS with NHISV problem. surfaces for their master side.
  4. Fixed precision problem for geometric contact entities.
  5. Added support for relative damping.
  6. Fixed error if the input is earlier than 93.
  7. Fixed the shared nodes force calculation for geometric contact entity.
  8. Fixed job termination after deleted massless 2-nodes rigid body.
  9. Fixed memory shortage that would only show up in very small problems, causing some test problems to abort.
  10. Fixed problem of some *CONTROL_MPP keywords not being properly recognized.
  11. Fixed memory allocation error with rigid body switching.