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LS-DYNA V970 Revision 3858


  1. Added frequency independent damping for material types 2, 77, and 181.
  2. Fixed problem in *MAT_ADD_EROSION to treat type 10 tetrahedron elements.
  3. Fixed *MAT_ADD_EROSION option for 2d elements.
  4. Fixed possible memory error in *MAT_ADD_EROSION option.
  5. Fixed an error in evaluating temperature for material 23.
  6. Added implicit support for materials 123 (shell only), material 21 (shell and solid), 23 (shell and solid), and material 32
  7. Fixed error in material 26 keyword reader.
  8. Fixed bug in material model 32 for glass. This model would not give correct results for elements with multiple integration points.
  9. Fixed deformation gradient calculation for 2D hyperelastic user material models
  10. Fixed error in material model 60 for shell elements.
  11. Fixed *TRANSLATE problem with material model 67.
  12. Fixed include transform problem with material 87.
  13. Added load curves to describe Young's modules, poison's ratio and the coefficient of thermal expansion as a function of temperature for *MAT_INV_HYPERBOLIC_SIN_THERMAL (mat # 102)
  14. Fixed the *MAT_NONLOCAL option in combination with *MAT_GURSON (mat #103)
  15. Fixed materials 103/104 for 2d adaptive solutions.
  16. Fixed discrete beam element material model 121.
  17. Updated material 126.
  18. Added the material #120, Gurson Rc-Dc model for solids.
  19. Fixed error in table definitions for *INCLUDE_TRANSFORM for material models 24, 81, 82, 83, 112, 114, 123, and 181.
  20. Added material 145 for SPH.
  21. Fixed a bug in material 142 that required an angle definition even thought the related load curve was not used.
  22. Fixed an error in reading material 152.
  23. Fix the error that was reading *MAT_HYPERELASTIC instead of *MAT_HYPERBOLIC_.
  24. Fixed bugs in material 143 (wood model) related shear stress and to type 2 solid elements.
  25. Added an option to material 126 to define a second yield surface for off axis loading.
  26. Fixed error in material type 23 for solid elements.
  27. Fixed energy calculation for material 142.
  28. Fixed bug with material type 7 used with element type 16.
  29. Fixed problem with warping stiffness and rubber materials.
  30. Fixed parallel consistency option for solid elements of material types 59, 65, 106, and 127.
  31. Enable solid element type 3 for implicit analysis.
  32. Fixed through thickness normal strain calculation for material type 4 used with shell elements.
  33. Added support for material 4 to be used as a thermo elastic material in a coupled thermal/structural implicit solution.
  34. Added a thermalelastic-plastic beam material model.
  35. Fixed a parallel consistency problem with the type 17 shell element.
  36. Fixed problem with parallel consistency option when 2D elements with material 9 were used.
  37. Fixed failure issue in material model 13.
  38. Fixed include_transform for rigid material type 20 with CID.
  39. Fixed glass material model 32 for shell types 3 and 17.
  40. Enabled material 76 for implicit calculations.
  41. Fixed bugs in material 76 when used with laminated shell theory. Also, added checks for input errors to avoid core dumps.
  42. Fixed an error in material 76 when used with solid elements.
  43. Fixed material model 98 for solid elements.
  44. Fixed material tangent for shaped memory alloy.
  45. Added an damping option to material 181 that is in the user's manual but was not implemented.
  46. Fixed a memory allocation problem for material type 196. Fixed material model 99 - failure ws not working correctly


  1. Fixed an error in automatic drawbead box generator.
  2. Correction to prevent possible memory error in segment based contact.
  3. Fixed a type 2 tied contact error in which the wrong interface segment was chosen.
  4. Fixed birth and death time bug for 2D tied interfaces.
  5. Deletion of failed solid element segments added for automatic contact types.
  6. Modified the soft constraint penalty stiffness for SMP type 26 contact to be identical with MPP and to with SMP and MPP type 13 contact.
  7. Improved for smp scaling of segment based contact
  8. Corrected a bug that could cause segment based contact searching to fail with warped segments when the warped segment option is active. This bug would go unnoticed in most cases, but could cause some penetration of warped segments when it occurs.
  9. Corrected a bug in segment based contact that could cause a memory error termination with auto_single_surface or airbag contact when thick segments are present.
  10. Corrected a segment based contact bug that in rare cases, could cause penetration of edges of thick segments into surfaces.
  11. Added beam contact test for beams that lie along the same line and are not in contact.
  12. Correction to contact searching for *CONTACT_NODES_TO_SURFACE and *CONTACT_SURFACE_TO_SURFACE when shell thickness offsets are used.
  13. Fixed potential contact searching problem when the contact surfaces have only solid elements, and when using *CONTACT_CONSTRAINT_NODE_TO_SURFACE or *CONTACT_CONSTRINT_SURFACE_TO_SURFACE, or when using *CONTACT_NODE_TO_SURFACE or *CONTACT_SURFACE_TO_SURFACE with SHLTHK > 0 on *CONTROL_CONTACT.
  14. Fixed bug in tied nodes with failure option when mass scaling is active.
  15. Fixed bug in single surface contact that may cause inconsistant for SMP version.


  1. Fixed a bug causing an adaptivity error.
  2. Removed improper messages when limit of memory is specified in adaptivity.
  3. Corrected adaptivity with part_move.


  1. Fixed initialization error if more than 128 cylindrical joints in a model.
  2. Corrected implicit's handling of a cycle of constrained joints.
  3. Fixed rack-and-pinion and screw type implcit joints.

Output Database

  1. Fixed energy ratio and internal energy bug in glstat file for discrete spring elements.
  2. Changed ASCII output to after implicit/explicit switching to avoid output every step.
  3. Fixed output problem for shell with invariant node numbering in D3PLOT file.
  4. Fixed energy balance in MATSUM and GLSTAT for 2D adaptive remeshing.
  5. Corrected all known errors in the LSDA output database except shell element id's in ELOUT data. This only affects the SMP version.
  6. Fixed DYNAIN file for triangular elements.
  7. Changed contact id from internal to user number in rcforc of binout and dbout.
  8. Reduced screen output messages
  9. Corrected spcforc output for implicit analysis.
  10. Fixed errors related to ANSYS output.
  11. Fixed database bug related to thermal only option.
  12. Always use 32-bit database for *INTERFACE_COMPENSATION
  13. Fixed binary database for beam cross-section data.
  14. Added the temperature as the 5th history variable for shells so that it matches with solid elements.
  15. Fixed bug in user id numbring of shells in LSDA version of ELOUT file.


  1. Added variable tangential stiffness for implicit rigidwalls with friction sliding.
  2. Added tangential stiffness for implicit rigidwalls.
  3. Corrected coordinate systems used for implicit constraint definition of rigid bodies with release conditions in local coordinate systems.
  4. Fixed error for linear implicit solution with type 12 2d plane stress shell element.
  5. Corrected implicit treatment of velocity vs. displacement prescribe motion.
  6. Solved convergence problem in type 3 solid element for implicit nonlinear.
  7. Enabled implicit-explicit switching without special license.
  8. Removed automatic constraint of nodal rotations on type 3,4 solids for implicit solutions.
  9. Fixed premature termination in arc length simulations (implicit only).

Rigid Wall

  1. Fixed problem in penalty rigid wall logic that could cause core dumps.
  2. Modifications were made to the geometric rigid walls using the constraint logic to account for frictional energy. Logic has been added to ignore rigid body nodal points which are treated by the penalty method. The energy calculation was already in for the flat walls.
  3. Fixed moving rigid wall using penalty stiffness.
  4. Additional fixes to all penalty rigid wall formulations.
  5. Fixed geometric flat rigid wall penalty formulation to include friction in a proper way.
  6. Fixed penalty rigid wall with friction to include energy calculation.
  7. Fixed flat penalty formulation rigid wall with friction.
  8. Fixed errors in geometric rigid wall and prismatic wall to work as claimed in the manual. If an edge length is set to zero, the edge is assumed to extend to infinity. This was not working in the past.
  9. Fixed a bug in spherical geometric wall.

Occupant Model

  1. Fixed error related to node sets and the GEBOD dummy.
  2. Fixed GEBOD dummy keyword problem.
  3. Further validation of component Hybrid III dummies.
  4. Translational damper in sternum of all *COMPONENT_HYBRIDIII dummies adjusted to compensate for an earlier correction of the unit conversion factor (unit system=5 only). Sternum properties of 50th percentile have been adjusted so response falls within corridors of pendulum test.
  5. Fixed error in MADYMO coupled executable if it is used for an uncoupled analysis.


  1. Fixed bug for deleting elements in a restart job.
  2. Fixed restart bug for ALE solutions.
  3. Fixed a problem when using restart keyword data with undefined node sets.
  4. Fixed a round-off problem in restart termination time.
  5. Fixed error in 2D restart related to 2D adaptivity.
  6. Fixed error in 2D restart related to 2D automatic contact.
  7. Fixed bug in error termination for restart job.
  8. Fixed interface force bug if a 1st run has both solid and shell elements and the full deck restart has only solid elements.
  9. Fixed full deck restart to handle solid element types 3, 4, and the 10-node tet, 16.


  1. Added support for optional blank fields in NASTRAN RBE3 data
  2. Corrected *DEFINE_BOX_COARSEN.
  3. Fixed error in coarsening when ioption=2
  4. Added enhancements in car model coarsening
  6. Fixed problems with *INCLUDE_TRANSFORM.
  7. Fixed thermal *INCLUDE_TRANSFORM option to include KtoC, CtoK
  8. Fixed bug in *ADD_EROSION option related to *INCLUDE_TRANSFORM.
  9. Fixed user defined integration rule to get proper mass density.
  10. Fixed load curve problem with offsets where the first abscissa value is negative.
  11. Fixed problem that caused core dumps with SMP parallel combined with subcycling and mass scaling.
  12. Fixed error in modal solutions.
  13. Fixed reading of ID for NODE_LOCAL_ID.
  14. Enhanced input checking on prescribe motion to allow constraints on same node where the birth and death times do not overlap.
  15. Fixed format error in reading CONSTRAINED_LINEAR_GL0BAL. temporary variables
  16. Added error message to prevent segmentation fault when user defines a coordinate system using zero length vectors.
  17. Updated prosity and leakage control in fluid structure interaction.
  18. Fixed 3D thermal-advection.
  19. Added a new mapping algorithm for *INCLUDE_STAMPED_PART
  20. Improved the rigid body CG calculation by using double precision
  21. Fixed round-off problem related to prescribed motion of rigid bodies in a local coordinate system.
  22. Corrected precision problem that lead to distortion of rigid bodies.
  23. Fix error in *BOUNDARY_AMBIENT_EOS.
  24. Knee slider properties of 5th percentile *COMPONENT_HYBRIDIII were adjusted so that response falls within corridors of pendulum test.
  25. Fixed a problem related to noise in accelerometers in the presence of a constant acceleration field.
  26. Fixed bug related to 10-node tet, running in parallel with mass scaling on and thickness updates for shells.
  27. Added thermal BC's for thick shells by set
  28. Increased the length of file names from 80 to 240.
  29. Fixed round-off error problem for scalar beam element CID's.
  30. Fixed an error with NASTRAN data that doesn't contain any executive or case control cards.
  31. Changed treatment of displacement prescribed motion with nonzero birth times to be consistent with explicit
  32. Corrected error in trimming with igs curve.
  33. Added error trap to catch badly defined table definition.
  34. Improved the test for the 3rd beam node on the axis.
  35. Added rotation update to frictional stress tensor.
  36. Corrected a possible memory error when using solid element type 6 with Van Leer + HIS advection. The error would occur only if recovering from a negative volume during advection.
  37. Fixed initial volume fraction calculation if the input is by parts.
  38. Fixed a memory error when the number of seatbelts was very large.
  39. Fixed error in *DEFINE_CURVE_SMOOTH
  40. Fixed a memory clobber if the model uses nodal damping without any nodal constraint set
  41. Fixed strain calculation in 10-node tetrahedron element
  42. Fixed bug in *INCLUDE_STAMP_PART
  43. Added support for history variables in *INCLUDE_STAMP_PART
  44. Enhanced output messages in *INCLUDE_STAMP_PART
  45. Bug fix to allow "redundant" prescribed motion boundary conditions provided the dynamic relaxation flag SIDR on *DEFINE_CURVE makes them unique.
  46. Enhancement in *INCLUDE_STAMPED_PART as requested by DYNAmore GmbH
    1. use average thickness for the element
    2. allow the integration points to be in arbitrary order.
    3. Added more checking for illeagl input on *MAT_RIGID for coupling with MADYMO 6.0.1.